High Level Reddcoin TEAMS Strategy

Hi folks,

I’m back :slight_smile:

Since that last month, we had some nice activity on many fronts, mostly the ones you can read on our weekly updates.
Today, I would like to show you one of the last discussion we had within Reddcoin Core Team and we have the will and the need to expand it to a much broader audience.

With the Roadmap, and the ongoing work and our professional and private lives, we need help to strenghten Reddcoin on multiple axes. As I am more of a visual guy, I have represented these axes with the teams that are in charge of these aspects.

I encourage you to discuss it, argument if necessary and if you feel good and have availability to help us where you see fit (in accordance to your skills obvisouly), tell us !

Please note that for now, it is voluntary work for everybody.

alt text

Thanks for this clarification to the community Eric.

Anyone reading this - If you think you could help in some way, get in touch!

This is quite a high level look on what’s going on.
These can be broken down into small sub-tasks