How do I get my Reddcoin Core Wallet Online?

I put my mouse on the bottom right corner…the up arrow states “not staking because wallet is offline”, the computer right next to it states “0 active connections to Reddcoin network” and the green check arrow says “up to date. Processed 2053273 blocks of transaction history”. How do i get my wallet online?

giovanni Is your wallet unlocked? You have to encrypt your wallet, then on a Mac go to Setting>Unlock wallet.

so encrypt it by putting in a password?

tdubblea I encrypted …says im 3 hours behind. hope this work…thanks for your help, will tip you :slight_smile: Whats the common tip?

giovanni Yes. Let me know if you get it going.

giovanni I have never been tipped. I have no idea. Anything is appreciated.

giovanni RabuPdJ7SSaE3iGMdxeQsgygQdKdtEps7i Thank you in advance.

Bear in mind that whenever you shut your PC down/exit the Reddcoin client, you;ll just need to unlock the wallet again to get it back online and staking again :slight_smile:


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