How do I stake all my Reddcoin? Can we change settings?

Not sure if this topic has already been covered, I’ve searched but found nothing…

Is it possible to stake my total balance in my wallet? and how?

I seem to keep getting different readings, sometimes it shows its staking around 50% of my total balance and other times its ZERO (I’m logged in).

Anyone know why this happens and if it can be changed?

PasCarbs i am having the same issue, my wallet
shows my avaliable balance xxx then stake as zero and pending as zero

yeah same as u …I still have 0 on stake balance …

Depends on the amount of RDD you have on balance.
Think at least >1000 for current network weight to generate some staked RDD. But since its getting popular now, does need more time to be “lucky” however eventually some coins will be staked and rewards (assuming >1000 RDD).

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