How much do you make with staking?

Like how much do you receive everytime you receive a stake

It depends on how many coins you have - the interest is 5% per year, so the more coins you have, the more you will earn with each stake. It also comes down to how long the time is between each stake you get - if each is a month apart, you will get significantly more coins than if they were a day apart. This is only because you are getting 1.0530 (30 = # of days) instead of 1.051 (1 = # of days). You would get roughly the same amount if you staked once a day for 30 days though, just in 30 little amounts rather than one lump sum.

For example, I’ve just had a gap of about 25 days between my stakes (on a balance of XX,XXX coins) and got mid XX coins for a stake. That is not loads, but based on the amount of days, it works out in line with my amount of coins - 1.0525 days.

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CaffeinatedSloth woah… I mean it’s still cool but it’s not a lot since I have like X,XXX coins

Here is a random picked example.
This address has approximately one million RDD.
As you can see in the block explorer the timeframe of staking for this amount of RDD is about 2-3 days.
Depending on the time it took the rewards are 200-600RDD (~150RDD per day)


OldMajor Say you had 1,000 RDD, you would earn 5% per year on that, so about 50 per year. If your stake took a month, you’d look to earn about 4-5RDD. As you say, that’s not loads, but it’s better than nothing…

If you’re looking to make a few more Reddcoin to help you stake a bit quicker with a higher balance to earn more, Earncrypto is a good one and another one (admittedly, it is very slow, but you’ll eventually get a payout) is the last Reddcoin Faucet. Another method I’m using at the moment (it is riskier as it involves trading, so please don’t do it without considering the risks) is to use an exchange (I find that the best for this type of little trading is Yobit - you either deposit the RDD you already have or buy a few more and just sell it into USD when the price of RDD is high, then buy RDD when its price is lower and repeat. I put $5 in a couple days ago and through a few little deals, I’m on $6 already, so with more RDD/USD, you could easily make more :slight_smile: But we warned that you could also lose it! Please don’t risk more than you can afford to.


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CaffeinatedSloth alrught thanks!

No worries! :slight_smile: Let me know if any of those are useful! :slight_smile: