how much will it cost rdd?

Very interested in everyone’s opinion about this. How long do you think it will cost RDD in the next few months, a year, two years? I watch the coin for about six months and while it has risen only 1 Satoshi, which is very sad.

i woulD say in 8 years… juSt like btc took to grow a good value. maybe 0.10 per reddcoin… maybe 0.01 minimum. and if we are lucky, 1$… But IT can be any value too. It will depend on us who become the pionears to create utility and usability of it. We have the pwer to make it worth more then btc as we also have the pwer to amke it worth nothing. If you invest into reddcoin, dont hold onto it and hope it gains value. CREATE its value. By eoither non profit fund rasing( creating awareness and respect)
Be it by direct transation, be it as a sorta pay in reddcoin and you will have a 10% rebate ect. The reason btc is worth what its worth rigth now is because the lead people made somthing of it. HERE IN REDDCOIN WE HAVE SOMTHING THAT NO COIN HAVE! :smiley:

8 years? Why dont you say 100? :smiley:
I would say when everything works good it gets attentention rising at summer 2017.
it depends on knowledge, seriousness and marketing of the developeners
(the tools).

  • knowledge: no bugs, user friendly, safe, easy buy of rdd, overseeable progress, uncomplicated
  • seriousness: clear announcements, updates, clear objectives, more dynamic (where is pixelbin?)
  • marketing: spread on www, social media (but thats the last step when everythings fine)

Redd ID will be released soon and it will be interesing for sure