How should we market reddcoin to the public?

So i figured I could start doing this, but not sure how to make people have a open eye to reddcoin, besides offer 1000 redd for free to start them and come to this website, for us ti have a more active community? I wish to contribute more then to read all the messages, ect, i mean… yes i did buy some reddcoin lately…1M + but i know its not only that , which will make reddcoin grow. and i am accepoting reddcoin in my future online store,( under work) and will also accept in in real life, and even put a reddcoin logo on my buisness cart. but you g get the idea., I want to be more active.

Reddcoinnoob I have always said, creating utility is what will give a coin real value.
If there is something you can do with a coin, and people find it useful and with purpose, then the value will grow.

  • Creating incentive, is a good starting point.

  • Followed by good messaging

  • And supported by the community

Like everything, you need to put a message out that will attract users and get them excited by what will be achievable.

I think I am almost at the point of committing those points to paper myself.
I have been holding off, whilst i completed the wallet.
The next phase is already well advanced…

Do i sense a roadmap coming?


Yes, but this message should be clear and powerful. Im not the best to think how to explain rdd in. Few words besides that it is unique with its staking system. I have already got a message out in 2 Facebook pages, whom are cryptocurrency related. I have invited them to join our group( here) And i Also offer 5000rdd for new comers that become active, and i may offer more reddcoin weekly if i see them more active in our community.

Reddcoinnoob. Every small activity we each do, helps to keep the interest going.

Only today, I got a notification on the Reddcoin Facebook account that an Italian Reddcoin group was just started on Facebook.
Yesterday, Reddcoin China Forum was opened as a chinese portal to start better promoting Reddcoin locally.

These are small but important steps.

Keep the word going.
If you would like me to join in at any point, let me know, I am happy to accommodate requests.

Awsome, yes, I will keep in touch with you on this.

As Gnasher said, “Creating utility is what will give a coin real value”

If the everyday person, who is not involved in cryptocurrency, cannot recognize utility, they will not care how great the marketing message may be.

Same reason Bitcoin still stupefies the public.

The useful product comes first, the marketing of it, second.