[How-to] Create vanity reddcoin addresses

Did you ever wonder how people got Reddcoin Addresses like RocksEB642vbQ3a5r7HTBjk9P7fmQ1WCTC or Rsurge4R9r1XWfPpkRMZ95p7AXsez7tFqw ?

These addresses are called Vanity Addresses and there is a tool called vanitygen to help you find the private key of an address with a specific prefix.
The longer the prefix the longer it takes to find such an address (it’s a bruteforce method), the more cpu or gpu power you put into finding an address the faster you get an result.

For example:

  • Dual-core desktop CPUs, 32-bit mode: 100-250 Kkey/s.
  • Dual-core desktop CPUs, 64-bit mode: 150-450 Kkey/s.
  • Quad-core desktop CPUs, 32-bit mode: 200-400 Kkey/s.
  • Quad-core desktop CPUs, 64-bit mode: 300-750 Kkey/s.
  • My Quad-core CPU combined with an AMD R9 280 can generate 29 Mkey/s

Reddcoin addresses are different from Bitcoin addresses they dont start with 1 but with the character R so you have to choose a prefix that starts with R. A prefix that has only 5 characters and digits will take just a few seconds. A prefix with 6 chars can take minutes and 7 chars or more will take hours, days, weeks or even more cpu/gpu time.

To start the generator you need to to download vanitygen extract it, open a command line window and navigate to the extracted directory.

  • A simple cpu based search for an address that starts with “Rocks” can be started by typing “vanitygen -X 61 Rocks” into the command line. the x64 version will be much faster. use vanitygen64 if you have a 64bit operating system.
  • If you want to use your GPU power, you need to have an OpenCL ready graphics device. Type “oclvanitygen” into the command line and hit enter. The output will be a list of supported cpu’s and gpu’s. Now you can start your search by typing “oclvanitygen -D 0:0 -D 0:1 -X 61 Rocks”. The -D parameters can be used to select one ore more of the supported cpu’s or gpu’s.

You can also make a case-insensitive search using the -i option to get even faster results.

If vanitygen finds an address you will see an output like this:
Difficulty: 4476342
Pattern: Rocks
Address: RocksEB642vbQ3a5r7HTBjk9P7fmQ1WCTC
Privkey: 5J4XJRyLVgzbXEgh8VNi4qovLzxRftzMd8a18KkdXv4EqAwX3tS

Copy the private key, unlock your wallet (uncheck the “for staking only” mark), open the wallet console and type “importprivkey 5J4XJRyLVgzbXEgh8VNi4qovLzxRftzMd8a18KkdXv4EqAwX3tS”
After you hit enter, the import will block the UI of the Qt wallet until the import completes. This can take up to several minutes. Don’t close your wallet, wait until the import is complete.
After you have imported the private key you will be able to receive coins under you new generated vanity address. Make sure you keep your private key safe and clear the command line after import. Restart your wallet and unlock it just for staking.

Enjoy your new vanity addresses!

ReddcoinRocks Great tutorial! I already knew how to do this tho (;

might want to add that it will be a lot quicker if they are not bothered about being cap sensitive

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Nice one I never knew How do you make those!

:smiley: thanks!

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Sweet - Too Easy
You just inspired me to give this a go

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So here is a dumb question: If everyone does this would we run out of addresses eventually or do they just get longer?

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pixl this is not a dumb question. Here is a good Video that explains it https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/100/a-quindecillion-the-reason-bitcoins-and-alt-coins-are-secure

ReddcoinRocks Thanks for the info. I’ve got my vanity address for receiving tips!

Mine is awesome: RabbitkTWNrvtX63N9YG9PS2BRoDarEJcZ

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Nice! Im going for an address that starts with ReddHead. Wish me luck. Tip Sent.

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Just now noticed you used my address (;

And thats not your real private key is it?

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Wish I could tune down the GPU though so it doesn’t try to overheat. Hit 80c while trying to generate a sweet address…

iisurge It’s not my private key :wink:

BrownSlaughter Good point, will add this later

// EDIT: added

Hi. I did this and the generator found an address. However I can’t find the wallet’s console. I am running it on Mac OS X 10.8.5. I am using the Reddoin-Qt wallet as the other one was having an issue on my os x version. Any clue?
where did you all find this tip now signatures? :smiley:

The console is located under the Help>Debug Window. Then click on the console tab. From there type in importprivkey R------------ and let it do it’s thing. After it imports, go to your addresses tab, verify that the address is there, close and open the QT back up and you’re good to go.

On a side note, I really want to use ReddGamesUnited as the beginning to my vanity address, but with my 7 Mkey/s it will take about 6.124387 x 10^9 years to generate. Is there some way to use my miners (sha and scrypt) to figure this out? Man, I wish I had a million core processor and about 10,000 top end graphics cards…


bmp02050 thank you!

I now have those addresses in the Addresses tab. Does this mean that those are my addresses now? (for example if somebody sends coins on that address I will get them?)

bmp02050 even the CIA will take some time to find this prefix

stefioan Yes, but close and open your wallet first. Otherwise they will just show up under addresses and not in your Receive tab.

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