How to find my wallet

Hi, i am back after 2 years :smiley: Is there a good way to check for electrum wallet on my computer (7.11.2014) i am pretty sure i deleted it but just maybe. Also found note with some random words like; bark law ,… i cant remember what are those :stuck_out_tongue: please help

Edit; Apperently I backed up Electrum wallet with a 13 word seed, is there a way to get my wallet back :slight_smile: i hope i left some cons there

miha That could also be for the chrome wallet that was developed. Although Gnasher has to set that whole electrum server thing back up and update it, but not until after Redd-ID is released…

bmp02050 is there a chance my coins are deleted if wallet wasnt synced or is too old?

miha No. The transactions happen on the blockchain. Gnasher would know best though…

Hola yo minaba RDD en eobot,unas 94000 RDD, pero ya no forman parte del grupo de monedas y las enviaron a una dirección a la que no se como acceder, ¿ es posible sincronizar el monedero y usar esa dirección para recibir mis RDD?
logre sincronizar una parte y ahora sale una ventana de error cuando inicio el monedero

miha coins are safe, as long as you have access you your wallet

s.roberto Necesita más que la dirección.
Para recibir las monedas, necesita acceso completo a la cartera

Gnasher I have 13 word seed, is this enough? How can i get my wallet?

miha when you install the wallet, there is an option to create new wallet, or restore… choose the restore and enter your seed words

Gnasher how do i connect it to network?

This is a little off subject but what are some good places to get Reddcoin with PayPal?


Gnasher se puede rastrear atraves de la dirección hacia donde fueron enviadas que me de alguna pista de de algún minero que use con RDD