How to help with marketing: Tell bitcoiners about Redd-ID.

Redd-ID is the only way to build a 100% decentralized tip platform. Any tip platform build with Bitcoin will require a central database to link the Bitcoin address, the social account and network. Redd-ID solve this. Bitcoiners still don’t know, but they love it.

This is good exposure on social media.
With the Electrum browser wallet out there soon…

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Can you give us any idea on when Redd ID will become available? I realize things this big take time, but it seems weird trying to market something that doesn’t exist.

hydrazine The Redd-ID is next topic on development list.
The idea of Marketing campaigns right now is directed to content creators. Since they are the ones who can really benefit from this coin structure. Micro-transactions!

I have started a post to address the different types. After this first phase is complete we will start the education marketing phase.

This is an image based marketing campaigns for more visual exposure and curiosity from the wide audiences.

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Artur That makes sense. Encourage content creators to provide a way to accept rdd on their sites. There is an entire website of millions of content creators at soundcloud that could really benefit from reddcoin integrated tip platform. Hope to see that happen soon.

hydrazine I’m making a series of images related to this communities to raise their awareness -> give your opinion

I think 5 to 6 images with a simple phrase to make people look at google for reddcoin is easy. We already have an easy to use wordpress plugin.