How to Sell Ideas

How to Sell Ideas

I have finished listening this Marketing professional from ethereum. Descrying all stages of a world wide project and the concept and different stages behind it.

**The talk he gave is awesome I advise to you all to see it for real… **

It is about sharing the idea and having a broad base community. working with you!
I really thing these guy have a good mindset, these minded people are hard to come by.
He also talks about the shared mindset between the developers always looking for the goals in order to continue motivated over time and seeing progress. :wink:

I share my simple question for getting people searching and speaking about Reddcoin:

  • Do you have a social Account? or Friends? -> best slogan ever: have you met “The Social Currency” ? Works every-time! to younger audiences they get hooked already.

For older ones… is not that simple but a currency that has both worlds is the one we more easylly adopt. Has the guy said we just nee d jumping community wether is chess or bingo players to raise some awareness about us and keep working on always getting the idea out.
Listen, Listen ,listen and take notes :slight_smile:

Older people or as a complement.

  • Do you buy online? -> yes, do you use Paypal or other services, tell them about the rates…

why don’t you buy online if it’s cheaper?
Security issues? -> Reddcoin uses trust between it’s users not a centralized system like Paypal. If Paypal is hacked your information and money is stolen, with reddcoin we can use your internet username and the register of your funds will never get hacked because the system is decentralized.

What are your favourite ones?