How to transfer or share wallets between computers

Hey, I’m really new to all this so everything is a bit confusing… I downloaded a ReddWallet on two different computers, and I wanted to share addresses between them. Is that possible? I tried to export a private key, but I don’t know what to put under “Public Key”… I made something up and it gave me the error of “Private Key Export Failed”. Some help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Generally speaking, sharing wallets (using the same wallet.dat) on different PC is not recommended.
Transcations that occur on 1 PC, may not get reflected to the other PC (especially if a change address is generated (adv. topic))

Do you have a specific reason to do this?
if it is just to monitor your funds… You could use the site and enter your addresses there


Well I have all my RDD stored at my work Wallet, and I want to move it to my home Wallet so I can Stake there. If I just send all my funds from one wallet to the other, I have to pay a fee…

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In that case i would move the wallet between the 2 PCs as required
This should be ok if each PC runs the wallet exclusively,
ie, while at work, that is the only wallet running, then you go home so you shut down the work PC
You copy the wallet.dat (eg to a USB drive) from the work PC
When you get home you copy wallet.dat to the data directory on the home PC over-writing the original
Start ReddWallet and allow to sync with the network

In essence, you are transporting around your primary wallet between 2 PCs and all actions are performed on that wallet
You should also take the opportunity to back up the wallet in a safe (2nd location) each time you do this

I make a backup everyday of my wallet.dat and put a date on it so i have something to go back to if needed

Let me know if this all makes sense

Edit: for clarity

Gnasher Thanks so much that works! I would like to link this page to for anyone else having trouble with ReddWallet (They really should link to this somewhere in main page)

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Great work.
Good to know it is working for you

m3ndi3 I advise you to follow a golden rule of 1 Wallet.dat per PC, only.

This means that if you are staking with you pc home after copying wallet on your work pc.

After start staking at home you should delete the wallet.dat on your work and make a new one.

Why? because when you staking (home) or work (payments) reddcoins are moved to new internal adresses that are stored on each wallet. that would be a time where your ballances will not checkout and you will loose coins due to lack of information… It is a misconception that anyone can do, be carefull with this.

PS: The browser wallet will allow you in the future to do what you are asking (even with staking)! Because your wallet will be always generated by one simple passphrase. So anywhere you put it you manage your funds instantaneously. Browser wallet is already in Beta version with some bugs but you could give it a look. :slight_smile:

TDLR: Two diferent PC’s = one diferet wallet.dat each. Not 2 pc’s one wallet.dat! This mistake could cost you some reddcoins in the future. :wink:

Be Welcome!


Oliver thanks so much for clarifying this! I think what prevents cryptocurrency from being more mainstream is the fact you have these wallets that have to sync when you start it and you can only have one per pc. You guys are definitely making it easier for the masses and I’m so excited for the Browser wallet! Question though, do I need the new Electrum wallet for the Browser wallet to work?

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m3ndi3 No, Eletrum browser wallet is independent from the old Eletrum wallet. Soon the old eletrum wallet will be de-listed as an option. So electrum wallet will only be within the browser.