How to use Transifex to translate Reddcoin to the language of your choice

How to use Transifex language translation

Welcome to this short tutorial on using Transifex

Transifex is used as the interface to provide the UI language translations for Reddcoin.

Once translations are completed, the translated files are able to be downloaded and compiled into the Reddcoin QT wallet during the build process.

Getting Started

Transifex for Reddcoin can be found at the following URL

You will need to create an account in order to start the translation process
Click on the “Sign up free” button to get started

Fill in your details


And after you sign in should place you on the Landing Page


Here you can see all the currently available languages and the progress
Go ahead and click on the translate button

The next screen you can select the language of your choice from the drop down

Select the QT Translation 2.0.x Resource file

And this will land you into the online editor

Editing your language

On the left of screen is the source English language and any already translated strings
On the right of screen is the UI that can be used to update, review and look back at the history of the translation.

As an example, selecting the first item in the list “About Reddcoin Core” loads the strings into the editor.
To provide a translation you type into the the area provided “Type your translation here”
When you are satisfied, click save or press tab to move to the next translation

Within the strings are special control characters such as (&, %) that are used to enhance the UI. Be careful to include those in your translation also in the appropriate location

And when there are strings that can be plural or singular, you can translate both solutions as you will see “one” and “other” showing in your translation box.
Click on both to adjust the translation accordingly.

Requested editing privileges… Let’s see what I can do :slight_smile:

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Thanks tecopos
invitation accepted

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Hi to everyone,
I joined here a few days ago and like team spirit.
And added some Turkish translations. They seem to be good.
We are excited and look forward to the new v2.0 Core Wallet


Serkan34 Awesome!

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Serkan34 Hello!

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Thanks for your efforts Serkan34
All contributions help to build a stronger community.


You are welcome Gnasher
Thanks for nice comments and ideas.
We hope and wish that; Reddcoin will be better in the future…

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Serkan34 Hello Serkan, send me a PM with an e-mail address so I can add you to our trello board.
You will be able to see what are our non-dev tasks, and mainly our translation progression.

Thanks !

Hello friends,
Turkish translations %94 completed , Danish translations %77 completed …
I decided to work over European languages with the help of Bitcoin translations at Transifex.
If you want to translate to your own language, Bitcoin translations are very useful. This is really a good idea…

Click on the “Sign up free” button to get started

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Serkan34 That is great work,
Thankyou so much for the efforts you are putting in.

I have done a few pulls of the language files, and compile the client.
When you think you are close, let me know and I will do a final language build.

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You’re welcome Gnasher
This is not difficult even fun, but it takes a little time (within a week).
I will send you PM for completed languages.
Reddcoin will be one of the best 10 coins this year.


Hungarian 78% completed, Italian 97% completed…
I begun to the Indonesian from %0 and 28% completed now.


Indonesian 75% completed. Many languages means to reach a lot of people.
Also, I want to add the Polish and Czech within a few days.
Reddcoin will reborn and may become popular.


Indonesian 87% completed. Polish 96% completed. Czech 57% completed.

Serkan34 great work, tip sent :slight_smile:

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Redd, Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: Czech 97% completed.
I tried to complete the 10 languages and have been complete almost 95% as avarage.
Many languages means to reach a lot of people in my opinion.

Serkan34 That was a great effort.
Thankyou for your excellent contributions

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Gnasher You’re welcome :slight_smile: We look forward to the new core wallet.
Also, received a little reddcoin to the my qt wallet as staking reward today :slight_smile:
People love free reddcoin as a reward or bonus…