Humble Bundle Blues/rant

So today I thought I would spend some RDD and buy something on humblebundle. I knew it meant selling some for BTC and then buying, but still I wanted to get something for my self as I rarely get to buy things just on a whim.

I got the total in BTC from humblebundle cart, sent coins in to cryptsy and made the change. Now I go back to humblebundle and refresh the cart and grab the address to send my coins for my purchase.

All seems well, except that while my coins are in transit, my cart times out, and generates a new total and a new address.

So now my payment has gone to an address that may or may not be associated with my purchase any longer. Yay, lol.

I have opened a ticket with humblebundle to see what they can suggest, but I have a feeling I just went through all that to throw some money away :confused:


It happens… Life. :confused:

Manirvo that is what I am expecting humblebundle to say too, but I still hve hope there is another answer :slight_smile:


well, that sucks…

Would expect something like this to be executed correctly…

SirTEPL yeah it does suck.

But everything was done correctly except that in cases where it takes more than 10 minutes for the transaction to be received as it did for me :confused:

I should have used the coinbase wallet option I suppose, but I hate signing up for more stuff to complete a transaction. It should be simple, ah well.

I don’t think I am going to be able to recoup this money either, but perhaps I will be surprised with a solution :smiley:

I would think that with your ip and email used for the site they could check their logs to see which account it was used on and either process the purchase as wanted, or refund the coins at that point.

Drakona no refunds available for BTC transactions - period. unfortunately. but I am hoping that I can show that I paid in to the address given and they can associate it with a new transaction and send me my purchase.

One can only hope that they would be honorable enough to do such a thing.

Drakona one can only hope - and wait, I have no illusions that my ticket will be processed soon, with holiday madness on :slight_smile:

It’s ok I have my patient hat on, now that I have had time to chill out about it :smiley:

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You can also prove to them you own the address by saying youll send 2sat at X time. I think they will do good and honor your purchase.