I am pretty bored of crypto in general

What can I say…I am feeling pretty ‘‘plateaued’’ flat…the sense of excitement is sort of missing for me personally right now. I have cut back on Bitcoin purchases a bit…January bills bite a bit for everyone I suppose. Recovered from a Wallet Crash, with lots of help from Reddcoin members Thanks!!

Just feeling a bit of …January blahs…not been staking very much…or even bothering to keep my wallet online too much (truthfully) Just a bit bored…need to take on something new for a challenge…learn something…or teach something…or write something,

Blah…needed to express my Blahness…and thats done now How are you all doing?

Reddshift need to write something?


Thanks for the link, I have read the post but must admit its a bit outside of my area…I write short story’s and poetry and troll posts usually…so not really my area…to quote Clint Eastwood…’’ a man’s got to know his limitations’’ Logic is not really my long suit…nor is math…or science…so my love of physics and astro physics and quantum physics is pretty much an exercise in frustration mostly.
Reading a White paper on adiabatic quantum computing…and understanding…pretty much nothing…super position…and spin…and quantum entanglement or not…yes…I know…but its my time to waste lol

Reddshift You must have in count the cosmic radiotion… it is everywhere.

I almost certain that is the problem. :smiley:

Reddshift Just try to stay positive brother. Everything/everyone has dry spots, you just have to keep on chuggin! Many new & exciting things are going to be happening in Reddcoin soon. Maybe try telling people about Reddcoin where you work, or any of your close friends/family. I just got three people from my work to start using Reddcoin. Show them how awesome & innovative this coin is and how it can benefit them!

cyberfy You are right thats the most fun…sharing the how to…

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When feeling disenchanted, the question i ask myself is, why did i get involved in crypto the first place
My answer is 3 fold,

  • The technology is amazing in its simplicity
  • It was achieved in open-source
  • And I believe in one way, shape or form it will survive and grow

Reddcoin has as much a chance as the next.
Stay involved, participate where you can