I created an account.......

I made an account just 30 min ago and it was terminated for no obvious reason.
I tried forgot password option and Behold! My email did not even exist in the first place!
Can someone please explain this Mind*uckery?

What was the username of your account?

Also did you get a registration email?

The same one as now. I don’t get it? maybe it was a glitch or a deliberate attempt who knows…

Manirvo I’m not sure why it would be deliberate as I don’t see anyone having anything to gain by doing that. Most likely some sort of glitch, did you make any posts before that?

I made two post prior to this mishap. I recreated my account and then I went back to the places I made comments and I guess you can figure out what i found…

Don’t worry about it since a fellow Redd head cleared up the assumptions of mine. The reason why me and some other users were wiped out off the database is that were was an automated script submitting new users to the system.

That happened to me earlier, but I think it was due to me switching around what email address I’ll be using for this site.

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