I did a talk video why you should invest in Reddcoin

I did a talk video about reddcoin why you should invest in Reddcoin. I hope this helps the popularity a bit for Reddcoin. If people like it I will make more video’s but with more production value. Also that’s why this is a bit of a simple talk. here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neRIWz1XEHQ

I bough over 1000 this morning, my first big purchase as I am new to bitcoin and trading and I’m getting all of my satoshi from faucets. Glad I made the investment because I saw the value raise to profitable heights several times today on Bittrex, I think it’s going to rise pretty high in the near future.


Considering Reddcoin is a coin focusing on social networking, I think there should be more stuff on social networking like this. There are very few videos on youtube talking about Reddcoin in comparison to other coins. More videos and representation in the media will only make Reddcoin more attractive, furthermore, activity in these forums etc make the community seem more supportive and the project therefore stronger. I think us supporters and the Reddcoin team should start addressing this lack of activity and start being more social with the project!


Would be great to see more content created…
Thankyou for putting in the time and effort


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