i gone to stake for the first time! :D

i am gonna give away 200 RDD to anyone who posted with your address, and also, i will buy more reddcoins to stake, so, thanks for the devs to lemme stake! :smiley:

lottery248 Nicely. Always good to stake :slight_smile:


Convertor yea, i am gonna hoard some of them before i got another dollars to buy reddcoin.

lottery248 That sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:

Thanks for the donation :slight_smile:

Convertor no problem.

Whoeee always good to stake!

Joawsch great + some coins donated.

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No need to post your Reddcoin address if you have the new Tip button setup on ReddcoinTalk :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome :slight_smile:

thanks very much sir.