I have a created an account for Reddcoin on TSU

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have created a TSU account for Reddcoin. Check it out https://www.tsu .co/ReddcoinOfficial (Copy & Paste without space)

SapeMan said:

https://www.tsu .co/ReddcoinOfficial

I havent had much to do with Tsu.
What type of service does it offer?

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Gnasher It’s a Social Network site that pays users for AD revenues. There are a lot of people on that site. I am doing my best to spread the word of Reddcoin.


If you don’t mind,
could you do a bit of a write up on what Tsu is, and how everyone might be able to use it and update your OP


Tsu is a social network site that pay users for Ad revenues. Unlike Facebook that keeps 100% of Ad revenues, Tsu only keeps 10%, leaving 90% which is split, 45% for the content owner and the other 45% is distributed to the network family tree. People would be able to use Tsu to get paid for their content.

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