I Love ReddCoin

I love ReddCoin… It is my belief that ReddCoin is the future social media coin. I,m relatively new at investing in the crypto market and find it exciting similar to a roller coaster ride. Trying not to be an emotional day trader
is difficult, LOL! Finally up to .02 cents a share. Its almost maddening to see the price go up and then masses of investors start dumping instead of keeping their shares to increase the value. Like i said, Its a roller coaster of excitement. looking forward to a possible $1.00 per share. Happy New Years ReddHeads!

Coin_Head Its great to see this community come alive…

I erg everyone to take part in all Readdhead Community Events… together we can make forecasts a reality :slight_smile:

Reddheads Unite!! https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/1744/lets-get-reddcoin-into-the-public-eye-win-competition-pool-coins-2018

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Reddcoin is taking a beating. But , I have faith our Reddcoin will bounce back 10 fold. Still having fun with it.

Reddcoin is simply balancing out after the recent events… just wait a few days and see this roller coaster go for another spin…

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it looks like somebody trying to crash Reddcoin. nothing but SELLING going on. very troubling.

Coin_Head Not really. The price you see on the exchange usually is the “last” trade price, which means someone sells and someone buys. If everyone is selling and no body is buying, the volume will be very low, and there will be a big gap between asks and bids on the order book.

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I can see on YoBit that the trading volume is about $97,500 over the past 24 hours (which is usual), so the issue isn’t that people are only selling, it’s likely just one of those things in crypto… Although, it’s a bit odd that it’s been constantly dropping for the whole day…


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I wouldn’t tell you guys “don’t worry too much” like other RDD believers. I think you all can make your own decisions, either to hold or to sell.

In the RDD history, there were droppings for months and keeping a flat line for years… The current situation is already the best I personally have seen for years.

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It"s going to be alright hopefully. Still going to hold my shares until the wheels fall off.

Almost everything is going down. Look at Ripple, it went close to $4.00 now under $2.00. It lost over half its value. I have no issue with this and keep buying as it goes down. We had a bull run and now a pullback. New money trying desperately to get into the market before the next run starts. Small players are panicking. Let them sell and get out. We longs do not need them anyway. Get these week hands out so Reddcoin can move up.

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Good points. Definitely weeding out the weak. LOL Cant wait until the next run. Good times ahead.

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One other point I want to make is Reddcoin has about 82,250 followers. That should tell all the doubters something. You don’t follow something you are not interested in. This coin without a doubt will move up soon.

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EMAN May I ask the source of the figure 82,250? Thanks! (just curious)

Twitter! You will get far more news and information there than here.

EMAN Thanks!!