I need some tester for a new coin!

I am developing a new coin for Why Fund Inc. (a 501 c 3), If you will download the wallet…I think it will work for windows and Linux…I will send you a bunch of coins. I need testers and stakers and nodes…it should stake at 20% return. When several people get the wallet up and open…I will have the block chain started and we can see the results.


at the top!

Send me your address and I’ll send you some coins!



No offense Okie but it’s a bit vague… so I went to whycoin.info to find out why?.. but there is no info!

What’s it all about then?

OK thanks for the explorer…

So it’s all in one address.

Please elaborate. How are you planning to distribute this?

Why Fund Inc. is an educational foundation and the coin is a “Proof of Knowledge” coin. A means by which students can keep score of their successful completion of reading, writing, arithmetic, and reasoning results. It will reward them for learning and demonstrating their knowledge. The coin will also be used to the benefit of fund…by being given as a reward for planning and developing ideas to help in it’s goals.

The total amount of coins are premined and put into a cold wallet…with some moved to a hot wallet to be used as rewards.

The foundation is going…the coin is being tested.


Are there any other information resources aside from the website at the moment?

reddibrek I’m rather single-handed at the moment…and I am putting together the html for http://whycoin.info http://whyfund.org http://whyfund.info


Okie79 I like the concept (I think anyway, as it needs a fair bit of fleshing out, although I’m sure you have more details in your head). Sorry though I am too busy to focus on anything other than Reddcoin.

But please keep us updated here with your plans and progress.

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reddibrek Go to the Oklahoma sec of state site and look up why fund Inc.

I will have everything on the website…complete transparency…

You will notice I don’t want your money!!!

Just a little help!!!

Okie79 This is a brilliant idea…keep a kid in school and interested in learning, I love the concept!

Redshift My dream is that a African bushman 9 year old girl can use her telephone to learn how to read and write in her own language and gain coins that will allow her to purchase goods and services…thereby giving her economic inclusion!

But we have a million miles to go!!! I have faith in “Crowd Knowledge”!

Okie79 I am blown away by your vision…seriously great idea.

The first 20 people who open their wallets and give me their address will receive 100,000 coins!

Okie79 Is there only version of wallet for windows or any another os? I’m ready to test on mac os if it exists.

Okie79 Its an amazing idea I being a student can see how it will motivate me to complete my Home Work time do more hard work for Exam et cetera. My computer is down at the moment thus I would download it as soon as I can get it back up.(Hard drive Crash)
If you need help in promoting it I would love too do so.:grinning:

Arti Only windows and Linux…at the moment.

AkshatBahety Much appreciated! As soon as you get your computer going, download the wallet and send me your whycoin address…I will send you 100,000 coins!


We have given away millions of coins and probably have several hundred coin holders by now. Beats giving them all to a couple of miners.

Of course I have several billion to give away yet.

I had 30 early adopters!

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Okie79 Make sure you cross post to DOGECOIN…they love an underdoge!

Hey Okie79 , can I ask, if you give away several billion that is a significant chunk… what, 10% of the total “circulation”?

To better understand your idea it would be helpful to know how you plan to go about distributing the rest.

I guess you will want to start distributing based on knowledge rather than random giveaways as soon as possible. Will you give away chunks to educational organisations? Will you launch a quizz?

These might sound like stupid questions but what’s the plan in general for the bulk of the coins? Sorry if the next steps you are going to take are clarified somewhere already - just point me in the direction.

EDIT - OK I’m reading recent stuff on your reddit page clarifying ideas

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The first phase is to create a holder base with vested interest in the coin… We are achieving that BIG TIme… At this point 300 to 400 holders and growing at several hundred a day. We actually are having problems giving away coins because our hot wallets keep staking.

The cold wallet is not staking because it would of course dominate. I had budgeted 5 billion for distribution… it appears we will have several thousand holders. The remainder will remain in the cold wallet for use to further the goals of the foundation.

This is a work in progress…and we need BRAINS…

If this becomes successful it will be through the efforts of the holders of the coins… because it is in their self interest for economic and intellectual reasons.


We have two more experienced MODs coming on board who will have hot wallets…so we can handle more distribution.

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