I send coins to my unsynced wallet... Are they lost?

Or they will be recieved after the sync is done?

They will be received once sync is completeā€¦ just do not delete any files or try to re-install your wallet unless you back it up.

Check this post out to speed up the sync process: https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/1683/speed-up-initial-wallet-sync-on-windows-mac

PasCarbs big thanks sir!

Your welcome always more then happy to help new comersā€¦ and remember were all part of this company we can help make it grow by spreading the word.

If you like to see your account bal. now go to: https://live.reddcoin.com and type in the receiving address you sent coins too.

PasCarbs thank you again sir! Your help is very appreciated!