I sent around 25,000 redd to an exchange 0 confirmations

I used the new version
I sent the redd and closed the core wallet a few minutes after and now that I checked ten minutes later I don’t see any confirmations
Like it didn’t go through
Even though it says it was sent
What can I do about this?

One last piece of information for you:

When making a new transaction, make sure to include a transaction fee. This will make sure your transaction is confirmed quickly.

Instructions (use this settings in the Send window):

  • At the bottom:

    • Click on ‘Choose…’ at the bottom.
    • Select ‘Custom’.
    • Select ‘total at least’.
    • Set value of ‘total at least’: 1 RDD.
    • Uncheck ‘Send as zero-fee transaction’.
  • At the top:

    • Enter the receiving address
    • Take the transaction fee into account when entering an emount.
      Enter the amount, minus 0.1 RDD.
      • So, if you want to send 123.45 RDD, send 123.35 RDD.
      • 5 RDD → 4.9 RDD.

Do you still have the issue or is your issue solved?