I think it's clear there's a problem with mac

I did everything right. i wrote down the encrypted password and checked it so many times. then i encrypted the wallet and it crashed and now my passphrase won’t work. this coin is clearly having problems with their mac OS wallets and someone from the reddcoin team should work on this and it’s absolutely THEFT and unreliability until we hear how we will be reimbursed. reddcoin, i took a chance on you and spent 400$ now you’re fucking me over

Did you encrypt the wallet while it was still syncing the blockchain?

Also, do you have Time Machine enabled?

You can recover your wallet with -salvagewallet in a worst-case scenario but please make a backup of it first.

If not,
Let’s start by opening Terminal >>

type cp ~/Library/Applicaiton\ Support/Reddcoin/wallet.dat ~/walletbackup.dat so it copies to your home folder.

Let me know if you complete this step.

Okay so the situation with me is that I don’t have the wallet backed up before the encryption

its saying no such file or directory??

Sorry, it appears there is a typo in my post.

Try again with:
cp ~/Library/Application\ Support/Reddcoin/wallet.dat ~/walletbackup.dat

This will make a backup of the wallet in it’s current state.

We are going to use the method I laid out in another post here https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/2680/wallet-backup-issues/2

Since we’re on OS X, the command to try to salvage the wallet is different.

Make sure Reddcoin-Qt is not running, in fact, in the best possible scenario you should restart your computer before trying this next step.

We’re going to try to work with your wallet file in-place, not the backup you just made. The backup you made should be in your User directory, where you have Pictures Movies, etc.

Keep Terminal open and try this:

/Applications/Reddcoin-Qt.app/Contents/MacOS/Reddcoin-Qt -salvagewallet ~/Library/Application\ Support/Reddcoin/wallet.dat

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