I want to spend an hour a day promoting reddcoin what should I do?

Any suggestions are very welcome :slight_smile:

I think reddibrek can help you with that :slight_smile:

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You replied to my thread regarding social media presence: https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/192/integrating-the-reddcoin-community-throughout-the-social-media-space/10 Are you ready to use the next-generation tip platform when it comes out?

I hold a very long term view on Reddcoin; I sincerely believe it is members tipping others that will help Reddcoin promote itself and generate genuine grass-roots adoption.

That said, I also believe it is entrepreneurial types who dare to dive in and create businesses around the Reddcoin network that will also end up doing a lot of indirect/direct promotion for Reddcoin. The significant wider adoption of digital currencies by the pre-crypto “real-world” economy does not get me so excited - people building things around Reddcoin specifically is exciting and filled with potential.

So I think that for the entire community everyone without exception should be preparing their social media presence, ready to use Reddcoin as the social currency. And for those who have the opportunity, I say rise to the challenge and begin planning and building services and business around Reddcoin. Each and every one of these services will act as a hub of promotion for itself and Reddcoin.

EDIT: And more! You already write for your blog - would you like to write for Reddheads also? Several members of the community have contributed…


reddibrek Thanks I will write an article then :slight_smile: !

Redd Please PM me to let me know what you will write about. Thanks!