I will now accept Reddcoin for purchases on my site

Tho to begin with we’ll have to do it manually as I don’t personally have the know-how to set something up to make it automatic with my current host. I will use current rates from Poloniex to establish the value of the coin at the time of the transaction.

Go to http://www.critterama.com to check out my stuff and to celebrate the release of the wallet please use the code REDDRULES at checkout for a 30% discount on all items until the end of the weekend!

Asha awsome, glad you figured this out :), hope I was some sort of help.

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Reddcoinnoob It was a good chat, thanks for your time! Definitely helped me decide to just go ahead and do it.

Im glad to hear. Keep me informed how it goes and how you make this work, it be good informations for me when I do the same. :slight_smile:

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Reddcoin accepted! Free delivery in Canada for all orders over $35.00!


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I like this one in particular! :smiley:

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Asha Our puppet collection just got bigger! Come check them all out at http://critterama.ca/collections/folkmanis

Pay for any purchase with any cryptocurrency and I will add an additional 10% discount on top of any other valid coupon code or offer. Pay with Reddcoin and I will add 20%! (Offer expires October 14, 2016)

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Asha I can offer you advertising in Rdd when my website is ready, i am building it to create services around crypto currreneies. jsut a heads up

Maybe if you can have one with Reddcoin on it I may consider buying.

altcoinbonanza I will accept Reddcoin for purchases, I just don’t have the technical knowledge necessary to make it all automatic on my site. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at adamcritterama.com.

Reddcoinnoob Sounds interesting, definitely let me know when you’ve got something to look at!

asha, i think you can create a automatic system :slight_smile: get a programeer and it basically make people know how much rddcoin they msut send now. i would charge 10% extra to cover rate change.

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