Iam new to Reddcoin pls donate

I was just introduced to Reddcoin few days ago and I think this coin has a future because if u follow it up u will surely see that this coin is about to blow.
Pls help me donate any amount is appreciated.
Thanks RbgJNxabyRQ726rJ945EXXpiEufuUxjEw4

stonebankz welcome to the reddcoin community my fellow reddhead. Yes, I too saw the potential in this cryptocurrency when I first read up on it. I’ve even discussed the idea of it with friends over the phone stating that it would be much cooler to receive an actual ‘tip’ as opposed to a ‘like’ on facebook or a retweet on twitter. At least a reddcoin tip is worth SOMETHING as opposed to likes and retweets which are worth NOTHING.

I’m all over the web http://aded.us/makell-bird