[Idea] How about a monthly AMA with some of the developers?

I understand the whole over/under/promise/achieve, but I really enjoyed the “blackmail” thread a month ago and I think it would be great if a couple of developers a month stepped up and said: ask us anything.

It could maybe be the first monday of every month.

silly idea? how do you like it?

Redd I would love that. Previous AMA’s and reddibrek’s dev series have been some of my favorite happenings, and I think the whole community learned a great deal from them.


GrayPhoenix Not to mention it’s good for morale.

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I think monthly is too much, but bimonthly would be fine!

artiscience 1 month in cripto is like one year in real life :slight_smile: with me monthly AMA would be ideal.

miha Ask any developer - he or she will ensure you that 1 month in crypto is exactly one month in real life. Do you know ANY person that would do an AMA every month?
laudney proposed that he would give short updates every 2 weeks if any other annoucement is posted. He also answeres questions if you are interested. If developer keep things up this way, then I don´t see why a monthly AMA is needed.

When you say that “with you” a monthly AMA would be ideal, then don´t forget that you are not the one who needs to spend a lot of time for it. You should also not forget that whatever time is spent into an AMA will neither be spent for needed leisure time nor for coding. I think we should move things one gear down. Coding takes time, we can´t stress out the success.

Oh and PS I really believe that people think crypto is going so quick, but I think that´s far from truth. The only thing that are coming out quick are the promises of new coin projects. They will need the same ammount of time as Reddcoin.


artiscience Well it could be different developers every time, then a developer would only have to spend an afternoon once every three to four months, and I dont know about you but when I am doing a project I love including people, so it doesnt have to be an uncomfortable hassle for anyone…

So just to clarify: we are no talking about ANY person, we are talking about (M)ANY persons doing an AMA once in a while :slight_smile:

Redd Ok, good point.

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artiscience Just send you a tip, an “Ok, good point.” is something I appreciate when written on the internet! :slight_smile: !!!


Redd said:

artiscience Just send you a tip, an “Ok, good point.” is something I appreciate when written on the internet! :slight_smile: !!!

Is it a “Ok. good point.” on Redd’s “Ok. good point.” ? (j/k)