I'm new to bitcoin and don't know how to work and take, read a lot about Redcoin and I think that would be a great criptata

I’m new to bitcoin and don’t know how to work and take, read a lot about Redcoin and I think that would be a great criptata

geoni67 Hi, welcome to the Reddcoin (with 2 d’s) community. To answer your question, no! Reddcoin is not a good criptata… most Cryptocurrencys are run by development teams that are skilled and paid, RDD is run but an unstructure bunch of volunteers. Possibly ‘skilled’
volunteers, but volunteers non-the-less. This does not necessarily make it a bad coin, but it does make it hard to make an educated investment decisions. It does have a strong community but this sight if unfortunately over-run by onesided people who believe anyone with educated yet negitive comments must be made a target for bullying and abuse.
Fortunately im not only a educated realist, but Im a real cunt who loves to poke the bear.
Anyway, Reddcoin does have the possibility to become very successful, but invest with caution… diversify.

Negitive comments…GO! Lol

Fruchocs and dudilicious I’m not in disagreement with what either of you are saying. I wish there were more updates and communication as well. However, this appears to be how things are. You are not the first to complain and it is unlikely your complaining will change the way things are currently operating. Maybe down the line, who knows. It is your choice whether you want to be invested knowing this. I do think that if this development plan deadline is not met, many will be jumping ship as a lot of the trust people have been relying on will be lost. I would not blame anyone for doing so. Until that happens though, I continue to have trust.

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FFS, it’s not called spredd-id. That’s fake news from the troll dudi who only exists to screw people over. Anything he says is merely a lie or misrepresentation of the truth. He’s also a racist homophobe drug dealer by his own admission…

dudilicious download the source code and male changes yourself. It’s open source. Have fun…

geoni67 I would recommend a $10-$20 investment at the moment, nothing more than that. Anyway the coin is about sharing/social tipping not money so you can get free reddcoins in the slack. 1000 is like $0.001

Fruchocs hit it right on the nail. It’s purely volunteers so expect things to go south a lot and not to get communication from devs as they have other important stuff to do outside the coin.

Shango At current rates, 1000 RDD is roughly $1…
dudilicious Where did you get that information? Let me guess, a partial screenshot from a few months ago that isn’t remotely related to what you’re posting?

dudilicious 3:07. What was the date of this? 2 months ago? Yesterday? It’s out of context, just like every other thing you post, link to, or write…You only see trees when you’re standing in a forest…

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gnasher was in the UK and currently flying back to Austrailia

Do you understand that all you do is lie to people? And don’t say that you’re asking questions. That’s BS. When you ask a question and receive an answer than that is it. But what you do is act like a broken record and repeat yourself on a daily basis. And for the record, I wasn’t banned from slack, I just can’t fucking stand your ignorance and stupidity. Or the fact that you abuse the channel, or that you call people the N word or fags. Please fall into a hole and stay there.