Images for Sale

I am going to upload photos if you want to buy them in a better resolution and with out the watermark just click the below link

The First Sunrise

Buy it at

Take a Step Into History
Buy it at

What Do you think about it
Buy it at

AkshatBahety Purchased and downloaded
Status: 0/unconfirmed, broadcast through 6 nodes
Date: 23/06/2015 18:34
To: Payment RZCoWgD3cj8eTFBnHC2kCZu18nc7DfzpA7
Debit: -204 919.1771 RDD
Net amount: -204 919.1771 RDD
Transaction ID: 9c24738a9b8a44ba95997592a6eb057bb338a1c03cb7172a36d0832bcf406a9c

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Redshift Just Received the payment thanks you are officially my first customer

We hope you do business with us soon

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That is a nice picture! :slight_smile:

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New Image uploaded

Ok I think teh prices are a bit steep and that’s why very low people are interested in buying please tell me what should be the price

AkshatBahety I would just keep posting more variety of pictures if I were you. Try some market pictures, street traffic, busy intersections, crowds of people, etc. Let us see a little of what it is like to be where you are.

Personally I am extremely picky about art. I will buy one I swear, and I don’t think the prices are too high if you find the right person for the right photo. But you are right in thinking you will probably sell more of them with lower prices. This is the walmart way of thinking; make money on volume.

Thanks Kraatus I have slashed the prices of the last 2 pics and as you can see it’s my friends photographs who is a very talented photographer.

Stay tuned for more pics