Impossible to restart reddcoin wallet on rpi3 ubuntu mate


I have been staking for a month and everything was fine.
I followed the topic about install on rpi3 and ubuntu mate and thanks about it !

Suddenly I had this error and if I want to restart my wallet I have always the same error :

reddcoin-qt: table/ void leveldb::TableBuilder::Add(const leveldb::Slice&, const leveldb::Slice&): Assertion `r->options.comparator->Compare(key, Slice(r->last_key)) > 0’ failed.

I don’t want to synchronize again all the reddcoin blockchain (it was a bit long even with the bootstrap)

Can anyone help me ?

Thanks !

my problem seems to be worse now, everytime I try to restart the wallet I have a segmentation fault. I have a backup of the wallet.dat file.
Do you know where I can find a tutorial on how to re-install the wallet on linux ubuntu + rpi3 ?
Thanks !

Hi, interresting idea : is it possible to transfert the wallet.dat from a linux to a mac or pc ? how ?

Yes, you can transfer the wallet.dat to another machine.

On linux, your wallet folder should be ~/reddcoin/

On OS X, ~/Library/Application Support/Reddcoin/

On Windows, %APPDATA%\Reddcoin\

The file format is the same between all platform builds.

ok thanks !

I made a mistake and updated the post. But yes, should be a very easy process as long as you have both wallets not running.