In need.

Hi all,

I am making this post as I need help. The last few months I have been sick and this lead to make me leave my job. I was getting worse and worse until last week. The doctors finally found out what the root of this illness is (gallstones). The doctors have me on painkillers and some other meds until I make an operation to remove my gal.

Why am I saying all this? I want to spread the word out so that I find a way to cover the medical costs. I know that the community here is a good place to post and so I did.

I posted on Reddit making sure that I can give out in exchange of working for less. On Reddit I was asking for a small equity as well however for anybody here I can work for as low as $20, no equity needed. I am really in need of funds right now and the wage is not that important.

If you have any web project in mind please feel free to contact me. The operation will last for a day and I will be back in action the next day which is excellent for the work.

With gratitude,

(Mods, if you think it doesn’t belong here please feel free to remove it.)

Hi stefioan. How are you feeling now? Will you return to your job after the operation? I sent some RDD to help out.

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Hey GrayPhoenix. Yes, Its a one-day operation using laparoscopy. Gladly its an easy operation and you can go to your work the next morning.

Thanks for the support! I am not sure what your profession is but if you need any help with websites feel free to contact me anytime! I have been involved on different projects since I was 12 years old (!) so I know enough in order to assist or even consult.

I am discussing a big project with some entrepreneurs that contacted me. We are discussing a website that will incorporate tools for Amazon Sellers and Buyers. If this goes well I will more than cover the medical costs and it is going to be an on-going project on contract.

Its a huge project. It will reach a big audience. It will reach several entrepreneurs as well. I mention digital currency to one of the co-founders and he told me that they consider adding bitcoin. So I introduced him to Reddcoin as well. He seemed interested. This morning I had a message from him asking about PoSV :wink:

Let’s see what the future holds!

Once again, thank you for your support!

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stefioan Do you have some proof?

I’m sorry to say it, but sooo many people are doing what you are doing just to scam money out of people.

So, proof?

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Convertor I would never imagine myself replying to what I think you imply and I will not really.

Also I want to wish that you never come into my position ever in your life. Good luck.

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stefioan You gotta remember how many scammers there is on the net.

I’m not saying you are one, but many are doing what you do to scam money out of people.

I’m sorry to hear about your position, I am… But I am also skeptic, trust is the key on the net.

Convertor As far as I understand he is not begging but even offering low-charge work, so how does asking for proof make any sense to you

stefioan What are your abilities when it comes to web development? Are you able to work with crypto?

I am not sure if you checked the Reddit post but in summary I am a back-end developer. In terms of web development, I work with Ruby, I use Rails and I am good with JavaScript and jQuery. I do work with other programming languages and frameworks but I am mentioning what I love working with.

My last example of work is AwesomeWeb. I did 95% of the back end development. A front-end developer handled that side. I am good with managing a server, a database and other aspects of a web such as SEO, sitemap, RSS, meta data, etc.

“Are you able to work with crypto?”
Are you referring to work for getting crypto as payment or working on a website that will involve crypto services?

Thanks for the support, really appreciate it!


It is fair to ask for proof. You may offer work, but you surely dont seem to mind some charity at the same time. Dont talk about being in your position, to a guy you dont know he can have gone through way worse for all you know, just be respectful. Maybe if you had given him proof instead of attacking he would have given you some money? Anyway I love tipping people but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth so I guess I will just stay away :slight_smile:

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I don´t think it´s fair to ask for proof because it doesn´t make a lot of sense. What are you suggesting? That he post his medical files? Present his arm encased with plaster? Literally everyone can forge these “proofs” that´s why asking for proof is mostly ridiculous on the web. When I joined Reddit and created a discussion in the Reddcoin Sureddit (I was sort of attacked by artur_oliver)[] for…yeah…posting this with my first post. I referred to my blog where there are enough data to identify me and he argued that this wouldn´t proof that that´s me. True, that doesn´t proof shit, same as basically everything, because noone knows who´s on the other side. Every 419 scammer willprovide you with any sort of proof. Asking for proof is part of the problem. Either you trust, or you don´t. If people ask for money and you don´t trust them, then you shouldn´t give them and you shouldn´t ask for proof. This individual didn´t ask for money, he just explained why he is in need to get a job. Your point:

“Maybe if you had given him proof instead of attacking he would have given you some money?”

doesn´t really make sense to me. You can basically go to every person on the street and say “You wouldn´t mind if I give you money, right? See, that makes you a beggar!” stefionan didn´t ask for moeny, so either you are putting words into his mouth or you calling him a beggar, simple as that.

Sorry for getting long on this, but I can´t stand asking for proof the same way that I despise e-begging.

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This is gonna sound arrogant but I do not care enough to get further involved here. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Redd No, it doesn´t. That´s basically what I was saying: Don´t get involved if you don´t trust. While I don´t see where trust is needed (if money isn´t asked upfront), I just want to add, that I don´t believe that everyone who doesn´t trust need to admit that in this thread :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your problem stefioan . Hope everything goes well. I sent you a little Redd.

Not for right now but I may ask for a quote regarding some work in the future. :slight_smile:

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cheeky much? :wink: I believe it is alright for me to say how I feel about the response to converter.

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Redd said:

I believe it is alright for me to say how I feel about the response to converter.

It´s alright, same as it is alright to say that I don´t find it needed, I guess.

reddibrek artiscience

Thanks for the support! These days I have been flooded with support by several people and I received assistance and guidance through several ways. All I can say is that I am really grateful! I am glad that I just have to ask for help and this magic happened!

As I already said to artiscience , I am not sure what your profession is but if there is anything related to web development, SEO, marketing or amazon (selling physical products / private labelling) that you need help with let me know! I have experience in a variety of topics and I can really help or point to friends that can help!

Thank you :]

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stefioan Thanks I will certainly keep it in mind

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artiscience It was not about not trusting it was about converter. Look at what you wrote, you talked about me not having to tell everyone that I want to stay away from helping this guy out, my post was on the other hand mainly about converter. I mean damn we are not even discussing the issue, still you need to stab at me.

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Redd uhm stabbing? Sorry but I think you are getting bit over the top…

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sorry but I dont think so

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