Incorrect Transaction Date in Qt Wallet on OSX

I transferred 1MRDD last night and on the explorer it has the correct time:

However, my wallet shows the incorrect date:

Status: 672 confirmations, broadcast through 3 nodes
Date: 5/26/17 10:25
To: RtCtRZL4zHhWjSNR1iBugmURr4pySmobyZ
Debit: -1 000 000.00 RDD
Net amount: -1 000 000.00 RDD
Transaction ID: b68b711d40a3dcdbde49bf32118d421ce5e76b2d885c1bd849927593893daac4-000

Should I be worried about this? I’ve had problems with getting notifications of generated coins and then having them show up way in the past before.