Incorrect Wallet Balance

If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it. My wallet address on the block chain explorer shows my correct balance, but my wallet is significantly off. My transaction ledger shows the correct deposits and no withdrawals. I have deleted all the files in my user/roaming folder with exception of my wallet.dat and resynched, but the balance is still not correct. Any ideas?

reddcoinuser is your wallet showing more or less?

Significantly less.

It was reflecting the correct balance until a few days ago, then suddenly the balance is much less. I checked my transaction log and there are no withdrawals. My wallet.dat appears to be in tact. I have the most current qt. is there a console command I should try? I really appreciate you taking the time to help.

reddcoinuser not sure. Weird that its like that after re-syncing

reddcoinuser have you tried sending more then what your wallet balance is to yourself? But smaller then amount block chain says

I’m currently trying to resynch again. When it’s done in the morning, I’ll give it a shot!

iisurge that didn’t work either. Do you think moving the wallet.dat to a different pc could help? If the block explorer says I have the right balance, is there a way to generate an api key or something from that wallet and put that key in a different wallet?

reddcoinuser yes with the export private key command in the console. If you do that you should send the coins to a new address and never use the old one when ur done for security purposes

Thank you again. I’m really bad with the console. Would you be willing to help me with the actual commands?

reddcoinuser Completely unlock your wallet (lock it again, then unlock and uncheck the “Staking Only”, then use exportprivkey to get the private key. Go to a new wallet and get to the console. Type in importprivkey and let it do it’s thing. It may take a little while to fully integrate, but when it’s done, you should be all set. I’ve done this for a few vanity addresses, like my “Rabbit…” address…

Try to start the wallet with the -rescan option.

Check this post for instructions