Installing wallet on a headless ubuntu server

where can i find a “how to” for installing the reddcoin wallet on an ubuntu headless server? Thanks

You need

  • bin/32/reddcoind (headless, 32-bit) or
  • bin/64/reddcoind (headless, 64-bit)


  • bin/32/reddcoin-cli (headless, 32-bit) or
  • bin/64/reddcoin-cli (headless, 64-bit)


Extract reddcoind and reddcoin-cli from reddcoin- and copy to home directory and set permissions:

  • chmod +x reddcoin*

Create Reddcoin Core wallet directory, download and extract blockchain snapshot into this folder

Create reddcoin.conf file for using Reddcoin Core command line interface and RPC calls

  • mkdir ~/.reddcoin && cd ~/.reddcoin
  • echo “rpcuser=”$USER >> reddcoin.conf
  • read RPC_PWD < <(date +%s | sha256sum | base64 | head -c 32 ; echo)
  • echo “rpcpassword=”$RPC_PWD >> reddcoin.conf

Start Reddcoin core wallet daemon (Attention: Add/Create extra swap file if memory 1GB or less)

  • cd ~
  • ./reddcoind -daemon

Get status in info (few minutes after wallet start up)

  • ./reddcoin-cli getinfo