Interview with #ReddCoin dev Gnasher

Interview with #ReddCoin dev John Nash Gnash0502 by Cryptocurrency Virtual Summit

That was a good interview.

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Hi Gnasher, it was a great interview. I have immense respect for your vision and clarity, especially that we want the grandmums and granddads to be familiar with cryptos and find a way to easily use it.

On the other hand, i think we need to have a link on the site that shows all the people involved with the project. I don’t want this to look like a one man take all the glory team…what if something happens to somebody.

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Very nice and personal, this kind of stuff is great for Reddcoin promotion and trust. Transparency is something adopters and investors want, and the closer they feel to the team the more support they are likely to give (Y)

Also, the idea of a collaboration with Ethereum and other coins sounds very interesting!

Молодцы! Два-три раза в год надо делать такие видео для сообщества. Это и доверие инвесторов и реально видеть и слышать о РДД от Дэв.

Good way to show all those dis-believers that the dev’s are indeed alive :slight_smile: But also to show us believers what the future holds!

Good to hear that the spirt of decentralization is still alive. So much of the blockchain community is going just the opposite direction…

Watched the interview.
A good one !!

Друзья, надо бы сделать дубляж на разных языках, чтобы показать это интервью в соцсетях разных стран.

Purely from the viewpoint of de-centralization, I believe PoW is definitely not the way. As long as the market value gets high, PoW coins will inevitably eventually be converged to a handful farms, i.e., centralized, which is exactly the situation of BTC today. Hence the whole PoW network is fundamentally controlled by these farms. (Technically, they can manipulate the blockchain if they coordinate.)

To maintain the original de-centralization idea, PoS(V) is currently the only way. ReddCoin, especially its goal to be “social coin,” totally fits the scenario. Furthermore, the dev team continuously makes effort towards expanding its use and adoption (in the de-centralization fashion), which is rarely seen on other PoS(V) coins.

Anyway, sorry for being not sure what I myself am talking about. I just would like to say that it’s a great interview and Gnasher is truly inspiring (to me especially after 25:50 of the video).