Introduction thread for Redd-id

Lets make it a little easier to find the related topics.

With a road map that covers a lot of ground, it should be easier if we break it down

When will redd id released?

the roadmap says: 4th quartla 2016
and since we are in last month: this month :slight_smile:

mdngt said in Introduction thread for Redd-id:

When will redd id released?

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sounds great i am very interested how it will look like :top:

Well, I made this account only to ask the same question.
When will redd-id be released?
Soon it’s only 3 days left of this year and havnt heard anything?

Knorre according to the latest update, we are closing in, maybe it will be sometime in January maybe the 31st of December. We haven’t heard from Gnasher in a couple of days which is usually a great sign: It means he is working hard on the code and getting the final pieces together instead of engaging with the community. Don’t worry I think that no matter what Redd ID will come in perfect timing with the new round of crypto engagement by mainstream media :slight_smile:


We all know that Gnasher is in this thing lets give him the time to make a good programm
Latest release will be january but when everythings 100% fine (maybe there are some issues) it will be released in a few days.

Thx for awnsers =)