IRC channel still there


in case you didn’t know we have also an IRC channel.
You can come in there easily via browser (A).

I see currently 23 users besides me :slight_smile:

Come in, chat with us, drink some !tea or !coffee :slight_smile:

I’ve brought my bot in there and added some things which will come soon upon us:

  1. when the v1.4-clients can’t stake anymore, people will ask why and how to fix that (B)
  2. people can verify that they are on the right blockchain with: !fork
  3. commands to investigate bugs faster or help fix: !version !backup !debug !config !bugtracker !code !update

Above is just a small list of commands:

The bot knows like 400 commands, and I’m in the process of adapting them to ReddCoin. ( C ) ( D )
If you have feature requests, tell 'em please.


The terms above starting with ! are commands which the bot accepts and provides further info on.

(B) Commands like these are available: !mandatory !version

( C ) I appreciate generous donations to help my motivation
(D) I am sure once the commands are adapted, IRC will be very close to being the headquarters of Reddcoin :slight_smile: