IRC tipbot

Can we get tipbot on our IRC channel. I am sure it will increase activity in IRC channel. We already integrated IRC in wallet something like wallet to wallet tipbot for IRC will be awesome.

I don’t think that will happen. With the browser wallet we get closer to SocialX which will make all tipbots obsolete. Why don’t you use the browser wallet?

artiscience Not everyone likes to have to use Chrome for the wallet and that is all it is out on at the moment. Some people like staying with their current favorite browser such as omg yes IE. or FireFox. So the fact it is limited to Chrome at the moment will turn many away from it.

Drakona The browser wallet is mainly for http services while irc is a different protocol and not necessarily used over http. irc might need another approach (a bot?). Also the browser wallet was announced for firefox, safari and chrome. the current version is a public preview and that’s why it is only available for chrome.

ReddcoinRocks That may be true, but since it is mainly on Chrome at the moment those loyal to FF wont ever give it a try so it will never catch on with them until maybe after it is made available to them. I only downloaded chrome to even see what it was like. But I still dont use Chrome for anything else at all. Which means the browser wallet is hardly ever used by me for anything since it is mainly on chrome at the moment.

Yep irc is a different than browsers and would need a specialized bot for it on each irc network. but someone who understands eggbot could probably write out a irc rdd tip bot for simple use on any irc network. can even have simple games played with it using rdd as payouts. Used to traverse a few irc networks in my past that had game bots on them.

irc is still a big thing in the world of social interaction for many people and having an irc bot would give extra word of mouth and use about RDD. Even though some browsers can use irc aka chatzilla, many still like using more traditional irc clients like mirc or kvirc or bitchx. and would not want to have to download a browser wallet or the qt wallet.

the problem with an irc bot is trust, trusting in who ever runs the bot not to just take everyones deposit and run with it.

So it would have its uses and pro’s but some cons too. It is something that I think may be of value if someone ever had the time to do it properly.

Are there no tipbot made for IRC yet?

I will develop one, already started on it. will start a new thread for it soonish when I have some information about how the bot will work.

There is a tip bot for irc that all altcoins can use, just needs the proper setup

there are probably more/better ones, this is just the first link on google

Okay. going to make one anyway, dedicated only for reddcoin.

As reddcoin is a social coin, and IRC is deff still a much used social network protocol.

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Does Reddcoin have any official IRC channel somewhere?

Convertor It’s just #reddcoin on FreeNode.

tralf Thanks. And though it would be on Freenode, just haven’t been there for a while, so wanted to make sure before I searched thru all the IRC networks :slight_smile:

ReddBot is alive, on my development IRC network, coming out pretty neat.

Will make a thread for it later today.

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I’m sich these days, so thats why no thread have been made yet, hope to get better soonish.

Time to code some more on the bot.

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IIIIIHIIIII What network are you channel on?