is a wallet back up on dropbox/ usb stick good idea?

hi, Me and a freind that I am speaking about reddcojn, have got on this subject due to him having problems with his pc. so i thoiugth he could use these methods. since he uses a online multi wallet, but I told him that in the end, he is not stakign from it, and second they ( the online wallet) are staking at his place without him and other users knowing…thus making loose that profit for his own pockets… also could he back up the blockchain, for him to not always re isntall the reddcoin wallet, and to wait for it to sync? this question may help others as well i believe.


If your friend is using an online wallet, i dont believe they (the online wallet) would be staking with your friends coins. Each account holder should have control. If you want me to do a deeper check, PM me (chat).

There are 2 online wallets that do stake that I am aware, but if I understand, they stake on the behalf of account holder and return some/all rewards back to account.

If you want to be involved in staking, the best option is to run a full wallet.

The blockchain download should only be needed when installing wallet for the first time.