Is it possible to remove SPAM postings below?

can you please remove them?

Yes, they need to go.

Can we remove all the posts from this user?

Should be easy to do from the admin control panel. I dont have access to that though.

Disagree - we’re a zero censorship zone. Even a 10 day ban was a very unusual move and the first time it has happened (since the old days of Reddcoin with previous management). Just write interesting posts and scroll that lunatic off into oblivion :slight_smile:

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Hi henry , I totally agree with you that you never should censor posts.
But still I think when there are 20 posts with the same text you can delete 19 of them.
Why? because I’m new here and when i was reading all the posts, I thought what`s this… is there something wrong with this coin?
No, there is nothing wrong with this coin (now there is a new development team) So i did a small invested in this coin. and even i want to help to let the community grow! :slight_smile: