is it possible to verify that someone else gave out a tip?

I was wondering if it’s possible to verify other people’s transactions? Basically I want to offer incentives to spread the redd. So say I offer an amazon gift card to the first person who tips 10 people. Is it possible to verify they did it with a resonable level of certainty?

this would be for a new type of faucet/game I have an idea for. Part of it would require users to tip people to gain attack power

Ryan indeed. Have them send all the tips from the address then sign a message with that address to verify ownership of it.

Thanks iisurge I’ll have a deeper look into message signing and the interworkings of it. I’m assuming it can all be automated? I’ll tip ya when I’m off my mobile

Ryan it should be, not sure what language you want to verify it in but I believe there are a few reddcoin libraries that might be able to do it.