Is it safe to reimport the seed with the higher Chrome Wallet version

Hi There,
Spinning a separate thread to clean up older comments in view of a new situation with the Chrome wallet.

I created the seed on Chrome wallet version 0.99.3 (no Beta on the icon)
Lately the version was upgraded to 0.99.19 (Beta on the icon)
The behavior of v19 is unexpected, i.e. when sending a password is requested to confirm the transaction.
No such password was requested when first defining the wallet - that was done in v.3

What is the path forward then:

  1. At some point a new version will be released where there will be controls to edit the password?
  2. I need to uninstall the extension and reimport v.19 with the original seed, hoping that the setup will include the creation of a password?

If the second option - how safe is that - obviously a question for the dev team. Saying this cause ALL of my coins are stuck in the Chrome wallet.

An ooops re version incompatibility could potentially cause the same seed to produce a new wallet that does not see the old funds. With no way to “downgrade” … money’s gone.

Before we try to evaluate all possibilities we might have. I don’t know how much RDD you have stored in Redd-Id/Chrome wallet but Redd-ID is still beta and it is very dangerous to store larger amounts of Reddcoins into this web wallet. But with seed phrase you should have literally everything in your hands to get access to your Reddcoins. Theoretically.

Regarding your questions:

  1. Don’t know if this is planned but that should be implemented IMHO (I’m only a beta tester)
  2. With every latest version I have installed (also tried again few minutes ago) you are able to set new password after importing wallet with seed. I have tested with a seed which was also created with an older version.

So with second option you should be fine getting back access to your wallet AND be able to transferring Reddcoins to any RDD address you want.

IT WORKED!!! I can see all my coins!
Please let me know if I may send you a tip as a test.
I think there is a small twist when re-importing - The default setting is “Do not use Savings Account” - I changed this because my funds were in the savings account and I did not want to risk it - it worked.

One caveat:
Although the Funding account received the funds the buttons to register an ID are still grayed out.
Also - not sure if this makes sense but all my funds show as “Unconfirmed” - although the original funds were sent close to a month ago.

Anyway - For others I will enter below the whole sequence - Here we go:
If you had you wallet on a previous version 99.3 you will get an upgraded wallet 99.19 however you will have a password prompt that you cannot use because you never had to set such password.

MPORTANT: Take a note where your funds are. Savings or Social Funds – you will need this later.
Uninstall your current Chrome wallet extension.

Go to the main ReddCoin website and download the latest extension

When asked – agree with “Add to Chrome”

The wallet extension is installed. At this point “Turn on sync …” is an optional step

Click “Create Wallet”

If you already have a seed you must click “Import Wallet”

On the next screen you will have to enter the seed as follows.

  1. Words follow in the EXACT order you have first received them
  2. The words must be separated by space
  3. This is a BETA wallet. Not sure how special/invisible characters are treated, so copy/paste from, say, Word is not recommended.

After that create a password

At the next screen pay attention at the default selection stating
“I don’t need a Savings Account”
If your old wallet had the funds in the Savings account then you have to switch to
“Yes, I want a Savings Account”.

If all OK you will get to a screen stating that the wallet was successfully created –> Continue

The first screen in the wallet is a prompt to register an ID.
To do this you first must transfer funds from your, say, Savings Account to the shown Funding Address.

Go to Wallet – then confirm to see that your new wallet contains the funds
Go to “Send” and send a small amount of funds to the Funding address.

You will then see the transaction added to the history and you will be able to track the progress by clicking on the tracking address.

That’s nice to hear :reddbank:
For tipping:

Hey CryptoBUZE,
Sorry to bother you :slight_smile:
I had to reformat my Mac and reinstall everything.
When we left off this conversation I was on Chrome wallet 99.19 with my funds accessible.
I see that the Beta wallet is no longer available and that the new one has not yet been released.
Will the new v.1.X be able to import a wallet created on a Beta wallet?
Is there a way do download from somewhere the 99.19 Chrome wallet?
Many thanks again!