Is it sure to put funds in redd Id wallet? redd id wallet staking too?

I have doubts I want to know if my funds are sure in redd id wallet, Can I to make hodl with my redd id and I´making staking too, where are the information of my wallet, in servers of reddcoin in New Mexico? , allways when I want, can I to access to my wallet only importing with the 12 words?

LAUNCH NOTE FROM REDDCOIN CORE TEAM: In the last steps of our readying for launch we found were not able to successfully transition from our “.tester” naming domain to the new production “.reddid” name. As we felt it was far more important to release the otherwise complete software we’ve worked so hard on within our promised and committed window, we opted to go through launch on the existing test chain. We will schedule a day in the near future to take down the system briefly and migrate all data over to the naming it should be under. We expect this to be simply a cosmetic issue, and all ReddIDs and links created with the software on launch will remain intact through any of these changes. If you have questions, feel free to come ask us in Telegram or on any of our other channels.

ReddID is name-based tipping across social networks and platforms, with all data stored safely in the blockchain. No centralized sites and databases, no administrators with control over your funds. Empower your online persona, collecting tips for your content and comments while keeping your wallet secure and private!

Claim your individual identity and verify its unique existence. Harness the ability to send and receive micro-donations super-fast and super-easily with low-to-zero transaction fees.


Yes, Yes and Yes. The answer to all your questions.

I heard many times about problems with redd id wallet, are you sure that the answer is yes?

Absolutely, It has the same security features of the QT wallet but it is easier to tip people online.
Now the ReddWallet is obsolete. I am talking about ReddID.

I also had some doubts, but just from the answer above I don’t see the absolute advantages of ReddID.

Well its not enough as a service. An android/iOS wallet is necessary.

Well, there is one thing I do mind about the current ReddID extension in Chrome (v 0.99.3).


There is no ‘authentication’. Once your wallet is created/activated/recovered (with passphrase), there are no extra checks for authentication. You can just send and receive RDD without entering any other (personal) info.


The current QT wallet has support for a password/passphrase. So, before you can actually do a transaction, you have to enter a password/passphrase. So, it’s safer.


In my humble opinion, ReddID should have 2-factor authentication (instead of a password). With a QT wallet, the host computer can be infected, but with ReddID in Chrome, there are 2 weaknesses: the host computer can be infected, but also (only) Chrome can be infected with a malicious extension, which can cause loss of crypto. A random 6 digit number is safer than using the same password.


So, I would advise against depositing a large amount on ReddID (at the time being, with version 0.99.3).

Are you sure about this?

There is extra security once you have access to the ReddID wallet. No password, no 2-factor authentication, nothing. The Reddcoin QT wallet has password protection.

Shut up! You should be quiet! You were advertising coinomi wallet which vulnerability lead to losses of multiple users!

  • Me shutting up doesn’t change the argument I’m making about ReddID.


  • I post with the best of my knowledge at the time I post. At the time I made those posts, there were no (known) vulnerabilites of Coinomi.


  • I have always tried to make sure I made clear that it’s not safe to rely (solely) on third-party apps, I try to inform about the dangers.


  • Since I know of the issue, I have crossposted a thread on Reddit (in /r/reddcoin) to inform more people. I also did not “advertised” Coinomi since I’ve known about it.


  • Coinomi - still to this day - is mentioned on the sidebar of /r/reddcoin.


TL;DR: don’t make it personal, and please try to respond to the arguments raised only.

And, to continue:

  • If the security of ReddID can be improved, one should definitely not shut up.

Yes, you are right. The mobile wallet is essential.

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