Is Redd-ID coming out or not! I want new evidence not old links and info! So.... proof please?

I seen the market cap booming and RDD going nowhere! The train is leaving and RDD is not on it! Get current news out there please, the RDD community is just recirculating the same old stuff… Boooooring!

stop panicking and pull yourself together. Wait until the end of the quarter at least as stated on the development plan.


a user left a good response on my page to a similar question.
(shadowradio John stated that once it’s polished, he will create a function that will randomize the release date and time so that even he will no know when it’s going to be released. So any “release date” that is spread around is merely FUD. Slack is the best place for any immediate information…)

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LTaylor : That’s right. Fruchocs : ReddCoin sticks to its roadmap, if that’s not fast enough and you freak out already because price is not “mooning” like you wish than maybe you should find an ICO or something to burn your money.


huebby Wow, you all need to chill the fuck out… what I was asking for was Proof that is NOT a comment from a community member. I never said I was unhappy holding RDD, but as an investor I feel more direct updates should be readily at hand. Why should we continue to get our updates from other webpages or Twitter or Facebook, it should be on there webpage! Why has there not been a Redd-id update on their webpage since February this year? That is unacceptable. Don’t hate me for logical and reasonable expectations, cos if everyone in the RDD community isn’t thinking like this then… fuck me!

Fruchocs : You are one of those who think they invest in a company and the “responsible” people owe you justification or something. People sacrifice their spare time for this project, nobody has to communicate in a manner that you find “acceptable”. There is a roadmap indicating where the coin is heading, that’s great. I’m pretty excited about the coming months (or years?). If that’s too “booooring” for you, well then.

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huebby well then… all the best to you. Each to their own, but yes, that is my expectation because I have invested in them. If people are happy to invest in ANY project or business without regular updates, then they need to relook at their investment strategy.

Fruchocs I agreed with you!! :{

Thats because your sensible and probably a smart investor. Thanks.

This is Reddcoin, not Reddcoin™ or Reddcoin, LLC., or Reddcoin, Inc. There is no formal business…you sound like you’ve VC’ed this like it’s a Silicon Valley startup. This isn’t a company or business…it’s an asset, like gold. Most “investors” are here to make a buck. Great, you bought some coins. Woo! Now what? Are you waiting for Redd-ID to pump and dump? Do you have some ideas on how to better Reddcoin? Are you excited to use this in any other means besides speculation? If so, please make some constructive suggestions, otherwise, ride the tides and make some coin.


Tranquillo reddheads, we should form an army together.

i understand the frustration around the lack of direct news from the sit, but try to understand this is done to try and preserve the value of the coin. The concept of ico’s are new so we can’t expect traditional methods. to each his own tho, but i love all the new interest and anticipation.


And so…I repeat myself for the thousandth time! If this is RDDs strategy, they need to inform their investors. They need to update information like this on their website. The only people providing Reddcoin information are people from the RDD community… talk about Chinese Whispers! All the same old RDD information going around…I know it! But I want to hear it direct from the horses mouth. If theres gonna be an update in September or Redd-ID will be release at a random time… thats ok by me! I truly believe in Reddcoin. BUT the RDD team need to tell the community via their webpage.

Fruchocs : “they need to…”, “they have to…”, “I want to hear…”, “I want evidence”…
I say it again: People invest their private spare time without any salary or profit from it and do as good as possible. There is a roadmap that is still valid and answers your questions.
If you are truly concerned about RDD then go get a book about coding, join slack and support the development.


But huebby, I don’t want to have to do work to reap the benefits of the project, I just want answers and to have everything be done when I want it to be done!


Wow… I pitty you. You know not, how stupid you are.
Ya can’t have rational conversations with irrational people.

Fruchocs you have to have patience to keep this coin. We are all practicing that.

Fruchocs : All my commenst have been rational and polite. Starting to insult people rather seems to be your thing.
If you would have started this thread more like “what’s up, any news? how’s the plan going? can I help?” people would most likely have responded more understanding. But doing it “I WANT EVIDENCE” shows just that you have the wrong attitude for the whole thing. Good luck with your “investment”.


huebby Unfortunately no one has been able to show ANY evidence of ANY progress. The only people building this up are the community, this is to 1 sided and disgraceful treatment from the dev team towards their investors.

Fruchocs If it helps its open source you and anyone with knowledge to program can jump in and do it yourself and we will support you.

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