Is staking working?


Just wondering if staking should be working. I have the wallet unlocked (I think), I have pretty high network weight, enough to say “reward every 43 min” and I don’t see any stakes happening. Last one that went through was Feb 2 or something. Not super uptight about it, just wondering if I have something configured wrong.

Oh yeah, I do have the latest version. Just downloaded the OSX one from the main site.

I have the same issue. I don’t know if I am staking. The wallet is unlocked but… how do you know the wallet is staking?

If you hover your cusor on the bottom right of the wallet, it should give you details like weight of network, your network weight, and should say staking, also you will see how many people are connected on the network :), this only applies if you unlock your wallet.

Yes, I didn’t realise about this small icons :slight_smile:

How do you take the maximum stake? do you need to move the coins?

“Stakeholders are also encouraged to stay online and contribute to verifying transactions on the PoSV nerwork”

What does it mean?


Hey! I posted also some questions about staking in the Academy area! Maybe we want to fill up that thread as a general thread about staking questions ?:slight_smile:

Besides, it seems that efficient staking is not arbitrary, since it depends on variable factors such as the network weight. Somewehre I read that the optimal age of coins is around 7 days before you should move them? But I think we should try to find a guideline how to maximize stake rewards.


Yes, you are right. We need a thread just talking about staking. I have not found any guide to take max. profit of it.

You said that we need to keep the coins for 7 days until we can move them? Because if we don’t move them I understand that the rewards will be lower?

Someone should explain how it works…

same here, i have some coins, it says i should stake every 3 days, but nothing has happened yet.
and i can’t see any reward in the new blocks … i always see a Block Reward of 0 RDD.

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“Staking” is the process of minting a block. Coins you own accumulate “coin-age” as in, they get older. The more coin age you have, and the lower the network difficulty, the higher likelihood of you “staking”. When your wallet is unlocked and open, you are generating coin age and helping to secure the network because of more online nodes. Now, if there are many people with lots of coins generating coin age in their open, online wallets, then it will be harder to generate a block. So, to answer your question: If your wallet is unlocked and connected to the network AND you have some RDD, then yes, you are staking. You successfully generate a block when you see a bunch of coins from your wallet go into the “Staking” area and get grayed out, along with a mining icon on the incoming coins on the right. Nobody is guaranteed to stake at any time, it’s all like any POW coin where you have a CHANCE of staking, but the more coins you have and the higher the coin age of those coins increases the likelihood that you will generate a successful block and claim the reward, thus “staking your claim”… I’ve got about 1MM RDD in my wallet and stake on average, once every 3 days for around 150 RDD. Not much really, but because of the increased interest in Reddcoin, the new wallets being downloaded, coins being bought from the exchange and moved into staking wallets, the difficult of the network has increased dramatically. So, buy more, tip people with them (move them around) and keep your wallet open and connected.

Happy Staking!