Issue with wallet

Hi guys,

I just got my first reddcoins and downloaded the qt-wallet 2.0…
did the bootstrap thingy, and everything seems ok and in sync…
But, I know, there is always a “But” in a story, I can’t encrypt my wallet via the GUI…
When I click on settings—>encrypt wallet, a pop up windows shows up and prompt me to enter my passphrase…Problem is, there is no input field!! LOL, how does that suppose to work?
I can however encrypt it via the console, is it the way you are supposed to do it ?
I’m on windows 10, system fully up to date. I have no issues with other coins qt-wallets…However, I realized they were all build with QT v4.8.6 and reddcoin is on v5.2…Could this be the problem?
Please kindly advise.

Hi I have the same problem. Did you solve this?

hi friends
05.01 I became a happy owner of rdd coins, the same day I installed a purse from the site, and synchronized (it lasted 8 hours), but until now, I have not received any rewards, although I see that people write about daily rewards.
I do not have a lot of coins, 05.01 was transferred to a purse of 4000, and still almost 2000 during the week but with a purse nothing happens, all these days wrote that the waiting time 115 days

You’ll get there - it will just take time. With that amount of coins, you could be waiting about a month before you see a reward. Don’t be disheartened with waiting though - you will get there and get a reward soon enough and it will feel great! :smiley: But remember to hodl and be patient in the meantime!

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