I've got a question / Need opinions. Any appreciated.

Evening Evening.

Hopefully this is the right place I am posting this. If not, then if an admin sees this could you put it in the right place? Ta very much :).

I have a question and need some opinions. As some of you might know already, but for those who don’t, I run a site called Fibermouse which provides hosting for websites for which Reddcoin is accepted! YAY :D. You can check/search for my posts on here.

Just this week I have put the site into maintenance mode to tidy it up a little and after some thought I intend on expanding the site’s capabilities. I intend on providing VPS and Mirror services in the coming months (as part of my expansion, I’m working on that one…), some of which will be Free, a bit like what Haphost was providing some time ago… Only difference is I intend on staying for the long term. That’ll be in another post (which I might seek from the community).

But I don’t want to be repetitive. What would the community benefit from to help it strengthen? Any ideas? Your opinions are appreciated :D.

I hope this question will help to engage others in brainstorming ideas maybe? For everyone’s benefit.

Have a good day :wink: