Join us for our 1st video AMA/“Meet The Dev” session with the Reddcoin # Dev team - June 16, 9PM NYC time (Zoom Video event)

# Reddcoin ( # RDD ) # Core Video AMA - Join us for our 1st video AMA/“Meet The Dev” session with the Reddcoin # Dev team - June 16, 9PM NYC time (Zoom Video event)

@techadept @Gnasher and the rest of the Reddcoin team are inviting all Reddheads and fans of ReddID, cryptocurrency in general, and Reddcoin specifically to a scheduled Zoom meeting tonight!

In the first of what we hope to be a regular but concise video series, meet the developers behind Reddcoin (RDD), ReddID, have your questions answered, and learn why Reddcoin is poised to achieve great success as the real social network and content creator reward cryptocurrency. Join in as we try together to “Paint The World Redd!” . As Facebook launches it’s new offering, major exchanges change policies, and the market seems to take a major jump forward, Reddcoin has exciting plans and achievements we’ll be sharing.
Join us, and Stake On!
Topic: June 2019 - Reddcoin (RDD) Core Team AMA/Meet The Devs
Time: Jun 16, 2019 9:00 PM - 9:40 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting
[limited to 100 attendees]
Meeting ID: 942 822 362



Thank you for the opportunity to meet the Dev team. I have been in IT for a long time and after this call I am cautiously optimistic. There are a lot of challenges but I have the feeling that you know what you are doing. Having been in startups before I will add my “two cents”.
Given your situation:

  1. Road Map: Please DO NOT post dates for the milestones. You will not meet them and this will be used against you. Instead post what you want to deliver next.
  2. You are full of ideas and you have a lot of ideas coming to you as a wish-list. This thing needs to WORK first. You can add features later. So be very pragmatic in what you deliver first.
  3. Software is, kind’a, the only airplane that you can improve after it is airborne :slight_smile: , so do not stay too long in the hangar for more paint and cup-holders :slight_smile: … but hey … bad seats or not … that thing needs to be able to fly reliably.

And, if possible, could you please give us something like a universal cold-storage wallet (Trezor, Nano) so that funds are safe while you are developing various other apps and wallets.

If Trezor or Nano are technically not possible or require lots of time or funds - then NO PROBLEM. Just give us ANY type of wallet which will NEVER be discontinued and does not require for me to wait 2.5 days to sync with the entire block chain just to get to the funds. Yes, I am selfish :slight_smile: all my funds are still in the Chrome wallet (you fixed it and I already made my first tip - thank you very much) and I do not plan to stake.

Thanks again for the presentation - it inspired confidence.
We can see now that you guys are “still in the building” :slight_smile:

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