Jonathan, where are you?

I have very limited internet access and i’ll be like that for the next week so i’ll keep this brief and straight to the point.

Reddcoin, i don’t know if you’re aware but the community is trying to fix your fiasco by pledging money, brainstorming and most importantly spending their most valuable resource: time (you should know, you’re supposedly an enterpreneur). So are you ready to hand the keys (domains, passwords, etc.) to any of the very capable members of the community left, or are you going to wait forever and then call it a day? Because if it’s the later we can start forking right now so we don’t waste any more resources and have an actual chance.

Simple question Jonathan: Are you keeping the keys or stepping down? Because if you don’t step down reddcoin has no future whatsoever and i think that we all know it.

I’ll check this whenever i get signal again, not expending your reply but rather some community feedback.

I don’t want Reddcoin to leave; I want to see more of him and hear his ideas. Jonathan has never been overly talkative, but with laudney’s departure we need strong leadership now more than ever. I’m surprised and disappointed that he has been absent over the past few weeks.

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I want to see more of him and hear his ideas.

Honestly i’m not expecting that to happen. I respect your opinion but i’m not surprised nor disappointed at this point. IMHO this is beyond mediocre leadership - or lack thereof.

I’ll keep staking and pledging to donate MY money anyway. I seriously hope that Reddcoin runs his “RL” business’ differently, otherwise i can’t see anyone hiring him, or any succesful startup.

Didi GrayPhoenix
JTLYK, there is a small group getting organised to try and reboot where things left off, and get some fresh blood flowing
I am aware of a number of activities
Obviously there is a bit to do to get people up to speed. In most cases we are starting at ground zero

To fork, or not fork? I dont believe there is any need to attempt any mechanics to fork what has been put in place so far.
Although Jonathon has been very quiet publicly, I can tell you at this point, domains, websites, etc and the like are being maintained.
Of course the community can vote to go down this path (and there is a time, method and place for that) However, if your not already aware that any attempt at forking requires many more resources than are currently available.

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To make any mods/enhancenents, we would either need to build and release from a forked version or have someone with access to the main project handle pull requests to have changes on a fork be pulled back into the main project and build/release from there. That means either someone with login to reddcoin-project has cycles available for this (and has the build environment available - nontrivial of itself), or the github login and build environment access is passed to someone who does. I assume that’s just a couple of the things on the Jonathan/Laudney keyring ? Or do any other devs have that access ? Who in the past has ever build and released ? I can test this out by doing something useful (e.g. integrating a relevant litecoin 10.5 feature), bumping minor version numbers, making a pull request and waiting to see what happens. But it would just be easier to be told what would happen in this situation. I suspect I’ll end up having to recreate the build env which involves setting up a virtual linux host and installing the tool chain (which I presume exists on one of the existing Reddcoin servers already). This would actually be a useful validation of the build documentation (for Windows and Linux only - no MacOS here).

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JTLYK, there is a small group getting organised to try and reboot where things left off, and get some fresh blood flowing
I am aware of a number of activities
Obviously there is a bit to do to get people up to speed. In most cases we are starting at ground zero

That’s exactly what my post is all about. AFAIK this small group does not include Jonathan and i’d really hate to see community driven progress - after months of hard work - just to see one of those rare Reddcoin sightings posting that he has other ideas in mind: All your work are down to drain, move zig.

I deeply appreciate your efforts, i really do. And my guts tell me that you can be trusted, like many of the old reddcoiners left. But i can’t trust Johnatan, and not that he cares but regaining my trust will take slightly more than renew a domain every 12 months.

In any event we’ll have to wait, and before my connection times out i’d like to leave clear that i can be wrong and Jonathan could actually be “more” involved, it’s just that i don’t trust him as project leader.

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Forgot to comment on the forking part - no easy task indeed (Gnasher henry).

Jonathan has not proven himself valuable in any way beyond holding the keys to the project.

He doesn’t design.
He doesn’t develop.
He doesn’t innovate.
He doesn’t communicate.

He doesn’t contribute, at all. He’s a useless king wanting ownership over the hard work of others.

If he holds the keys to the most valuable assets, then those assets need to be abandoned in favor of a blank slate.

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Well, to be fair without Jonathan there would be no Reddcoin today, so we have to give him credit for that.

Now, for a blunt overview from my side? I’ll have to split it into several parts for simplicity and i’ll sum it up as much as possible.

  1. He saw an opportunity to make a quick buck (Reddcoin - Reddit? How clever), or even better to make a Ð 2.0 with an actual chance to succeed (bear in mind that Redd-ID and Social X weren’t even an idea back then). IPCO started, and although not without problems it all went without serious issues. The coin was launched, and he didn’t run away with the money. Moreover the distribution model was pretty clever. So far so good.

  2. “Promotion” started. Fake reddit subscribers were bought on a daily basis, same with twitter and FB. Remember BTCMillionaire and his “coming soon” professional-looking banners? Remember Reddki and his youtube videos (with paid for actors and atrezzo)? HYPE. All of that cost money, straight from the IPCO pot with one and only one intention: PUMP the price. But it wasn’t happening. okie78 may want to add something in that regard.

  3. Some passionate members (some of them aware of the heavy moderation/manipulation/censorship, some not) started to build an ecosystem around the coin. ReddAPI was launched (Remember Shane?) and along with that services started to appear. Things were looking good on the surface, but behind the curtains there was a struggle for power and control.

  4. Laudney became the lead dev. POSv was promised and delivered, not without rather mediocre communication from the management team during all the time - not to mention the heavy moderation/censorship at reddit. With POSv things were looking better than ever, and there were brilliant things to come “soon” (What we now know as Social X and everything around it).

  5. The battle for control intensified. Shane (ReddAPI), a very professional developer and an expert in payment systems left was pretty much dismissed, causing a big turmoil. We got a glimpse of what was happening behind the scenes, and the sight was pretty nasty. We also were pressured to abandon Reddit “because of the trolls” (i.e. regular people who complained regardless if they’re right or wrong).

  6. Communication and developement continued sporadically until last Christmas when it was made “official” that the roadmap would be fulfilled and the project was very much alive. But alas, price was slowly tanking and things only got even worse (if possible at that point). The management team (Reddcoin & Laudney) pretty much forgot about the coin and the community altogether until finally he remembered it was in charge of something called reddcoin and had the dignity to (at last) make official what we all already knew. Jonathan didn’t help much by expecting a miracle dev to appear, read his post and contact him via email - and work for free?

  7. Jonathan is still doing nothing AFAIK but the community is trying to regroup and carry forth this ship, with the captain drunk 24/7 and unwilling to abandon the vessel when fully aware that there are officials that could do his job orders of magnitude better. This is where we stand now.

Obviously this only gives you a general idea, i’ve left out PLENTY of things (some on purpose, some not) and again this is HOW I’VE SEEN IT, not a fact.

And needless to say, i thank Jonathan and Laudney STRICTLY for the things they have done for the good of the PROJECT (not for the money) but that’s the further i’ll thank them. It goes without saying that without them both we wouldn’t be here, for the good or for the bad. But it also goes without saying that without the involvement of most of the other devs and their hard unpaid work this would have died long ago AND the thing that saddens me is that most of them (correct me if i’m wrong please) were mostly unaware of the totalitarian way Lauddcoin was running the project (i.e. i do as i please or else fuck off. And i will lie to you, a lot). And later on we “learned” (or rather they were forced to told us) about Reddcoin Ltd., a company that would have its income by selling software - who would have been the coder of said software it’s up to you to guess, but don’t forget about hoppi and the Social Wallet).


Pardon me if things got a bit mixed and i expressed myself poorly, i have a pretty nasty hangover (yay for holidays) but quite frankly until Jonathan speaks up i don’t want to waste my time any more than necessary.

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Not knowing and assuming is the worst of all possible things. We don’t know anything for certain except Laudney took a lovely holiday to the Arctic of all places.
Some things can’t be guessed at, when people don’t give out any information then speculation is bound to fill the gap. I wrote privately to you that my expectation is more of the same and thus far its held true. We are on our own. Rise or fall.
We either find some new Dev’s or Die