Just started to look around, syncing still difficult...

I started to look at Reddcoin because of the interesting social media idea. I installed the Windows wallet and started syncing. I must say that this is not without troubles. Already had a crashed wallet, so started all over again :-). And although I have a stable and fast enough pc and bandwidth it takes long. I do know the workaround by downloading the blockchain at first, but wanted to see if the ‘normal’ syncing works. Because I guess that’s an important thing.

Offcourse if everything is up-and-running I will go buy some RDD. But the minimum amount to buy is rather high to just start experimenting and checking stuff and working wallet out.

Because after all RDD is a social thing, would anybody be willing to tip me a coin so I can see what a ‘filled’ wallet looks like? My thanks would be huge! :slight_smile:

Greetz, Geebee

Just sent you 5 RDD to get you started :smiley: Welcome to the community - if you need anything, just post on here or on the Reddcoin Reddit!

Happy Hodling!


Thank you, happy 2018!